FAQs for Current Ambassadors

  • Can I run a Vitae Apparel giveaway on my own account?

    Absolutely! Feel free to run a giveaway with any items you choose to purchase as a prize. Gift card prizes can be purchased prior to your giveaway and then forwarded to the winner’s email from your own inbox, or purchased after the winner has been chosen and sent directly to them from us! We also...
  • Can I use my own referral code to purchase things for myself?

    No, this is strictly not allowed and commission made from purchases for yourself will not be approved. Referral codes are only to be used to those you refer it to, and can not be used when purchasing your own order. We encourage you to use your 25% off lifetime code, as this will save you more mo...
  • CREWFIRE: Can I still be an ambassador without a CrewFire account?

    No. Since referral codes are made in CrewFire, all ambassadors need a CrewFire account. This is also the software we use to keep track of all our current ambassadors. However, it is not a requirement to be active on CrewFire and participate in CrewFire activities.
  • CREWFIRE: How long would it take for my activity submissions to be approved on Crewfire?

    Activity submissions are approved within 1-3 business days. If your submission(s) is/are not approved in more than 3 business days, please email us at ambassadors@vitaeapparel.com for further assistance.
  • CREWFIRE: How long would it take for my code to work after setting it up on Crewfire?

    Your personalized discount code should automatically work at least an hour after setting it up on Crewfire. Once it’s set up on Crewfire, you will be able to promote it to your followers and friends, so they can use it!
  • CREWFIRE: How will I know if my personal referral code was used? When does it show up in my account?

    To see if your referral code has been used, you may go to Crewfire > Activities > Share my referral code to check who used your referral code. Commission earnings from sales used by your code will show up once the order(s) has/have been shipped.
  • CREWFIRE: I’m trying to log in but it says my email is invalid, what do I do?

    If you cannot log into your account, you may try to reset your password through the “forgot your password” button first. If it still does not work, please email us at ambassadors@vitaeapparel.com for further assistance.
  • CREWFIRE: My discount code is already taken, what should I put instead?

    If your username is already taken, you may use any of your name or nickname combinations. Please ensure that any code you decide has “15” at the end to indicate the percentage off the order. For example, if selened15 is taken, you can try sdior15 or seldior15. If all of the name options you decid...
  • CREWFIRE: What is CrewFire?

    Crewfire is Vitae Apparel’s official ambassador portal and management software. It allows ambassadors to engage community-wide, create personalized discount codes, join fun activities, and redeem rewards through points earned such as a free fitness set, access to Vitae Babes Discount Club, gift c...
  • CREWFIRE: When and how do I redeem commission?

    Ambassadors will be eligible for a payout once they have over $50 in commission. Payouts are sent once every other month, and will be sent within the first week of each month. In order to get your payout, you must fill out your preferred payout method (PayPal or bank transfer) and the tax form co...
  • CREWFIRE: Where can I change my discount code?

    If you need to change your discount code, please open up Crewfire, go to the Activities tab, and then click Share My Referral Code. From here you will be able to see your discount code and change it. (Crewfire > Activities > Share my referral code)
  • CREWFIRE: Why do I need to fill out a tax form to redeem commission? What is my Foreign Tax Identifying Number and do I have to fill it out?

    CrewFire is based out of the U.S and U.S. federal tax law requires them to collect tax information to be able to pay out your commission. While you don’t have to fill out the tax form to participate in CrewFire activities, you do have to fill it out to be able to redeem your commission. For Canad...
  • CREWFIRE: Why is my activity submission rejected?

    If your activity is rejected, our community supporter will leave a note explaining why. Some of the of the reasons why an activity submission is rejected: Not following instructions fully of activity There’s lack of information (e.g. IG username, wrong content, no attachments for some cases that...
  • How are photos picked to be featured on Instagram accounts? When will I be featured on the main account?

    We receive hundreds of pictures week to week and we try to feature as many as we possibly can on our accounts. While there is no guarantee your picture will be posted, there are certain ways you can boost your chances of being featured. Make sure your photos are high quality, with clean backgroun...
  • How can I track my commission earnings?

    Commission earnings can be tracked through your CrewFire profile. Log in> activities > share my referral code. Under “My Stats” You can see how many sales you’ve made, how much commission you’ve earned and how much your next payout will be! Further down under “History” You can see the dates...
  • How do I collaborate with Vitae Apparel?

    We love collaborating with our ambassadors, customers, etc. For collaboration inquiries, please email contact@vitaeapparel.com with your social media username and details about the collaboration you had in mind!
  • How do you pick photoshoot locations?

    Our photoshoot locations are picked based on where our photographers are located. We are always working on finding new photographers in new locations. One of the perks of being an ambassador is access to partake in photoshoots, therefore we are always looking for photographers where our ambassado...
  • How much is commission and when can I redeem it?

    Commission for ambassadors is 10% of net sales made with your personalized code (before shipping and taxes)! You are eligible to redeem commission after you’ve earned $50! View your commission and payouts in your CrewFire profile!
  • How often are ambassador events hosted?

    One perk of being an ambassador is access to exclusive events such as holiday parties, workout classes, and beach cleanups. We usually host one event every 1-2 months. NOTE: Due to Covid-19 restrictions, ambassador events may be hosted less regularly.
  • How often do renewals happen and how can I renew my ambassador status?

    Ambassador Renewals happen once a year in the summer. Renewals allow us to keep an active roster of ambassadors and to make room for new ambassadors to join our community! We will remind you on renewal dates when the time comes around. Keep an eye out on all ambassador platforms for instructions ...
  • If it’s past the renewal deadline, can I still renew?

    Unfortunately, once the renewal deadline has passed, we delete all CrewFire profiles of ambassadors that did not renew. We will try to accommodate you to the best we can however there is no guarantee we can retrieve your profile once the deadline has passed. Please contact ambassadors@vitaeappare...
  • Is there a quota or minimum amount of times my personal referral code needs to be used a month?

    There is no quota or minimum amount of times required for a personal referral code to be used in a month.
  • What are some tips to promote my code?

    There are lots of ways to promote your code! It depends on your personal preferences, your preferred social media platform and your targeted audience. As a general rule, we encourage you to share your code anytime you make a post showcasing Vitae products. When we have big sales or new product la...
  • What are Vitae diamonds? How is it different from CrewFire?

    Great question! Vitae diamonds are the points you earn through the VITAE BABES CLUB on our website. Once you set up your account on our website, you can start earning diamonds with each new order, or you can complete activities to earn diamonds, as well! If you collect enough diamonds, you can pu...
  • Where do I submit my monthly photos?

    You can submit your monthly photos in CrewFire. Head to Activities>Participate in Submission Activities and find the activity called “Submit 3 Quality photos”. Please ensure photos are unedited, and to include your IG username and a suitable caption that matches your photo!